Little Big City




Become a mayor and design the city of your dreams


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Little Big City is a social strategy game where the players must take the role of a mayor in a small city. The objective is to expand your city as much as possible by building all manner of new buildings and providing enough housing to house your ever growing population.

The goal is to find the right balance between practical buildings that can help grow your city, decorations to make the citizens happy, and building enough housing to accommodate all the inhabitants.

However, it’s not all about strategy and management in Little Big City. To liven things up and stave off the monotony, there are also a whole load of minigames giving you a bunch of different activities to take part in. Doing well in these tests will also provide financial rewards, allowing you to further improve your city.

Little Big City is one of many city management around right now in which you must have at least a basic capacity for management if you want your city to prosper and attract more residents.
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